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Emergency mobility of rescue forces and regular Traffic

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Name Emergency mobility of rescue forces and regular Traffic (EmerT-Portal)
Portal language(s) Deutsch English
Online since 1 September 2011
Number of entries 50 < 100
Comments and addenda to portal description An innovative type of traffic and emergency response system, it combines situation updates with information on current decisions on a common platform. Complementing EmerT, an airborne traffic surveillance system monitors the traffic flow and infrastructure situation over an extensive region and produces aerial images as additional information material on an ongoing basis. EmerT creates a picture of the overall traffic situation based on current traffic and infrastructure data. This is how EmerT enables its users to get a quick picture of the current traffic situation, evaluate it and take appropriate action. A prototype of the system has been tested on several occasions such as large-scale police operations and a disaster relief exercise of THW, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief. In essence, the system was shown to be ready for use.

Focus of content

Focus of content
  • other (Traffic Management for public mass events and disasters, Airborne Traffic Monitoring, Simulation, Crisis Simulator, Decision Support)

Spatial scope

Spatial focus
Specification of spatial focus Mainly Germany, expandability to other countries is imaginable

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Operator (content) DLR, Institute of Transportation Systems (Germany)
Operator (technical) DLR, Institute of Transportation Systems (Germany)

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Depositing User Sten Ruppe
Date Deposited 23 Aug 2012 12:05
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