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MONITOR Air Transport Database

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Name MONITOR Air Transport Database (MONITOR Luftverkehrsdatenbank)
Portal language(s) English
Online since January 2012
Number of entries 50 < 100
Comments and addenda to portal description Within the MONITOR project, which was an EU-funded pilot study to develop a monitoring system for the development of global aviation, a database for air transport statistics was elaborated. Besides this, adequate information was collected and analysed in form of long-term aviation scenarios and an indicator set that investigates trends in the air transport sector from a sustainability perspective. The corresponding results are publicly available via the MONITOR online portal (

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Focus of content

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Spatial focus
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Operator (content) DLR Institut für Flughafenwesen und Luftverkehr (Germany)
Operator (technical) DLR Institut für Simulations- und Softwaretechnik (Germany)

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Depositing User Alexandra Leipold
Date Deposited 08 May 2012 09:17
Last Modified 30 Sep 2020 12:04
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